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Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of reflexology. If you are unfamiliar with reflexology, here are the basics. Reflexology is the practice of strategically applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands as they correspond with specific body organs. By stimulating nerves on specific areas of the feet and hands, we can stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxin buildup in the corresponding organs and systems of the body. Reflexology is safe and effective for everyone. Furthermore, it can and should be used throughout a lifetime.

So how can reflexology really help you? Research has found that not only is it beneficial as a tool for relaxation and stress relief, but it is also an effective tool for improving circulation; relieving pain, detoxification, recovering from surgery, and as an immune and nervous system stimulator. In fact, many people with illnesses such as allergies; chronic sinus problems; acid reflux; migraines; PMS; menopause; insomnia; fertility problems and even arthritis have been helped tremendously by reflexology treatments.

Because reflexology works to put the body in a state of well-being, it is beneficial to every system in the body. Reflexology has been shown to relieve many common pregnancy complaints including headache, nausea, backache, stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, constipation, swollen ankles and digestive problems. Furthermore, in one study, women that had at least 10 reflexology sessions showed reduced labor times and complications than women who did not have the treatments.

Children can benefit from reflexology in many ways as well. A few of the most common reasons for conventional medical treatment today are ear infections, constipation, colic and bed-wetting. Reflexology has been shown to dramatically improve these problems, and many more in children. In fact, research has actually shown that children with cerebral palsy who received reflexology work actually had increased growth rate over the kids who did not receive therapy. The list goes on and on.

In a society that relies on chemically laden prescription drugs to cure the sick, especially in the elderly sector of society, reflexology is providing success stories worth examining. Did you know that elderly patients that routinely get reflexology treatment could reduce cholesterol, lower and maintain blood pressure and treat painful digestion better than drugs? Not only that but elderly patients that have reflexology mats in their homes experience less pain and a greater sense of control when walking.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For patients recovering from surgery, reflexology can be a dream come true. Studies have shown that patients that received reflexology treatment after surgery experienced far less pain than the patients that received painkillers alone. Moreover, reflexology was shown to be more effective than catheterization in patients with retention of urine after surgery.

Reflexology has made its mark in the world of alternative therapies because it works. If you doubt that reflexology works, try it and see the results for yourself. Once you try it you will be a believer and most importantly, you will be hooked for life. Find yourself a good reflexologist, or better yet, learn the techniques for yourself. Having the knowledge to treat yourself and your family is one of the smartest things you can do.


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